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John's Ultimate DIY Backyard Shed

In late 2021 we were fortunate enough to assist John with bringing his backyard man cave/tool shed dream to life. John was searching for a backyard shed that "didn't look like a typical shed," and that is when John found the Corfu 10.

John was looking for the perfect balance of DIY and Professional install, We suggested that he have our build crew install the shed to lock up, meaning we finished the exterior and left the inside for John to tackle.

The good news is this backyard pod was suitable to meet the local council's Vic Smart (Vic Only) criteria which means with a little bit of documentation this little beauty was granted a permit in just a few weeks.

The frame was constructed in 1 day and is made from our engineered Bluescope steel framing. While the traditional Corfu 10 comes with a front deck and side window, on this occasion we removed these additions at the customers request.

Once the frame was completed the pod was ready to be cladded and finished. Once the finish was completed to lock up, John was able to build himself a ramp for his mowers, he lined the walls with ply for a rustic look and gave the doors and trim a lick of paint!.

For reference, the above image is a render of the newly designed Corfu 10 which is the perfect backyard office pod, home studio, pool house or shed.

The finished product looked absolutely spectacular and was a great addition to Johns manicured garden.

Happy Building! Mitch


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